LAW & ORDER – Faudulent Housekeeper at Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 03/05/1878.


At the Guisborough petty sessions, on Tuesday, (30/04) Ann O’ Neil, a domestic servant, was charged with the theft of a quantity of wearing apparel, consisting of two flannel petticoats, a shawl, a tablecloth, a pair of boots, and a number of other articles, the property of Christopher Johnson, Dell Foreman at Southbank. Christopher Johnson said that he lived at Coatham, where the prisoner was his housekeeper, from 5th July to August 14th. On the evening of the day when she went away. She came back and asked leave to stay over the night, which was granted. Next morning. Witness was up at five a.m.., When he found that the door was open and the prisoner gone. He also found missing the articles now produced, which were in the parlour. The total value was about £13. Only part of the articles were now produced. He was afterwards shown the articles in question at the Redcar police station, on 16th August. Jane Rider, an old woman, said she met the prisoner in Middlesbrough, when she had a large bundle of clothing. They first went to Pat Martin’s’ public house, and afterwards to witness’s house. She there got from prisoner a shawl, which she pawned at Barclay’ s for 4s.6d. She returned, and gave her the money, and prisoner then gave her some other articles, which she pawned at Angus’s. Next morning. Prisoner again came to her house, when she sent for the police. I am Helen Barclay and William Angus, pawnbrokers, deposed to receiving the articles from the last witness. Sergeant Alexander spoke to apprehending prisoner at Newcastle on 25th April, and in answer to the charge, prisoner said, “I was drunk at the time, and did not know what I was doing.” Prisoner now said she had nothing to say, and was committed for trial at the next sessions.


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