LAW & ORDER – Heartless conduct of a mother at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 25/01/1878.


            A young woman named Ann O’Neill was before A.H. Turner Newcomen., at the Redcar police station, on Wednesday afternoon (23/01) on a charge of feloniously stealing and taking away one bedstead, one (?), Worn mattress, two quilts, one blanket, two tables, and three chairs, the domestic property of her mother, Mary Brown. The facts of the case are of a somewhat singular character, viz. :- Prisoner’s mother, who had been living in a cottage at Redcar for some time, left the town about six weeks ago, leaving the key of the cottage with the landlord, and stating that if her daughter like to keep the cottage on she might have the use of the goods that were in it. The daughter, thinking herself unable to pay the rent of the cottage, declined to go into it, and took lodgings. The mother return to Redcar a few days ago, and on finding that her daughter was in lodgings, immediately went to Guisborough, and took out a warrant for her apprehension on the charge of stealing the articles above mentioned, which she had left in the house. Own inquiries being made by the police officer the prisoner was taken into custody, it was found that the goods had been seized by the landlord for arrears of rent. Fleece Sergeant Alexander now stated the prisoner’s mother was not forthcoming to give evidence, and that nothing had been heard of her since she took out the warrant. Prisoner was remanded until Tuesday, unless her mother comes forward in the meantime.


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