LAW & ORDER – Inhuman Treatment of a Pony

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/01/1876


William  Kearton, fish hawker, of Redcar, was summoned for cruelty to a pony on 30 December 1875. Sgt Alexander said that he found defendants pony in a stable leave the Jolly Sailor In, Redcar. It was lying down upon its side in the stall without any bedding whatever,, and without a particle of food visible. The poor animal was in a shockingly emaciated state, it spawns project in nearly through the skin, which was worn off in several places through contact with the flooring of the stable. Owing to the weak state into which it had got, it had fallen down, and had no holes in the pail standing near it. The poor animal had also chewed away the most of the wooden part of the manger. Mrs. Eastwood, landlady of the Jolly Sailor Inn, said the defendant had had pony in her stables for eight or nine weeks. It was brought into the place in good condition, but latterly, owing to its having been fed on chaff and water only, it had fallen into such a weak state that it had to be kept on its legs with slings. It had eventually to be killed, and taken to the kennels at Kirkleatham. Mr. Pease said the bench scarcely knew whether they should impose the full penalty of £5 on the defendant or not, but considering it was his first offence, they would only inflict the mitigating fine of £2 and costs.


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