LAW & ORDER – A Local Divorce Case

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 19/11/1874


            In the Divorce Court, on Friday (13/11), Sir Jas. Hannen had before him the local cars of Thwaites. Thwaites, which was the petition of the wife, Elizabeth Thwaites, for a judicial separation, on the ground of the cruelty of Watson Thwaites, her husband. There was no defence, though the respondent had filed an answer traversing the allegations in the petition. Mr Bayford, who was counsel for the petitioner, stated that the parties were married at Coatham, near Redcar, on 26th August, 1871, the petitioner at that time being a schoolmistress possessed of a little property, and the respondent a widower with children. For a short time the parties lived happily together, and the first quarrel arose about some investments. The respondent was fonder of speculating than of working at his trade as a carpenter. He frequently ill-used his wife, turned out of the house, and dragged her about. These facts were approved by the petitioner and her sister, and Sir Jas Hannen greater grunted a decree of judicial separation.


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