LAW & ORDER – Obtaining a gold watch by False Pretences

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/06/1877.


            On Tuesday (05/06), at Guisborough Police Court, a respectably-dressed man named Marshall Williams, apparently, about forty years of age, who was stated to be well connected, was charged with obtaining by false pretences a lady’s gold watch, from Thomas Wakefield, watchmaker and jeweller, Coatham, on the 30th ult. Mr. Teale, of Middlesbrough all prosecuted. The prosecutor said that on Saturday evening, the 28th ult., the shop and ask to look at some ladies’ gold watches. He wished, he said, to buy one for his daughter, and wanted it something like a gold lever he was wearing, and to cost about £10 stop several watches were shown to the prisoner, but as non-were like what he required, the prosecutor observed that he was going to receive a fresh stock on the following Wednesday, when he would be glad to wait upon him. The prisoner said he was staying at the Swan Hotel, and he thought that one of the watches he had been looking at might suit, and he would just take it down and let his daughter see it. The prosecutor remarked that it was not in order, but he would put it right and call with it, on the Monday. He did so, and was induced to leave the watch for inspection, the prisoner, promising to return it in the morning if it did not suit. The watch was not returned, and on prosecutor discovering that the prisoner had disappeared from the town, he procured a warrant for his apprehension. John Harrison, pawnbroker, of Stockton, said that on Saturday (02/06) evening last. The prisoner visited shop, and offered the lady’s gold watch produced in pledge £3 stop he gave his name as Henry Milton, and said he lived at 51, Elliott Street, Middlesbrough. As witness had received information from the police in reference to the watch, he sent for Inspector Caisley, and give the prisoner into custody. Inspector Caisley said on charging him with obtaining the watch by false pretences. He simply said he was very sorry; he had been drinking for two or three weeks, and did not know what he was doing. Sergeant Alexander, of Redcar, said that from inquiries he had made respecting the prisoner he found that he had neither wife or daughter. The prisoner now stated that he had been drinking heavily, which cumulated in a fit of delirium tremens, and after that he really did not know what he was doing. He asked Mr. Wakefield to forego any further proceedings, as they might end in a his irretrievable disgrace. The Bench said they were sorry to see one of so respectable a family before them, but there were there to administer the law, and could not consent to any such arrangement as he had suggested. The prisoner was then committed to take his trial at the next quarter sessions, at Northallerton.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/07/1877.


            On Wednesday (04/07) at Northallerton Quarter Sessions, Marshall Williams, (42), clerk, was found guilty of obtaining by the pretences a valuable gold watch from the Thos. Wakefield, jeweller, at Redcar, on May 30th under the circumstances already reported in the Gazette. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment.


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