LAW & ORDER – Provisional Order Sands High Water and Low Water

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 01/07/1870.


            We are glad to state that the Provisional Order for extending the boundaries of the district of the Local Board of Health has been printed, a copy of which, bearing the signature of the Home Secretary is now before us. The order sets forth that from and after the passing of any Act of Parliament confirming the “provisions thereof.” the portion of the sands between high and low water mark, on the North or sea side of and opposite to the said township, shall be included in the said district.” There are also further clauses containing the necessary conditions on which the Local Board will exercise their authority, and stipulating that all By-laws made by the Board must be approved by the board of Trade and the Commissioners of her Majesty’s Wards and Forests, so be signified in writing by one of their Secretaries in the case of the Board of Trade and in the case of the Woods and Forests by one of the Commissioners. It seems unfortunate that when these necessary powers were obtained, the extension of the Board to the above part of Redcar, in the parish of Upleatham, was not obtained also for the surveillance of the Board over that part of Redcar is as needful as over any other portion of the district. We may now fairly hope that the nuisances on the beach will be abated, and active steps taken in that direction will certainly be a boon to the place.


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