LAW & ORDER – Singular Charge of Robbery at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 01/02/1878.


            On Tuesday (29/01), at the Guisborough Petty Sessions (before the Rev. Canon Yeoman, and A. H. Turner Newcomen, and R. Yeoman, Esq’s.), and O’Neil, of Redcar, was charged with stealing a bedstead, mattress, flock bed, and other domestic articles, the property of her mother, Mary Ann Brown. It appears that about 10 weeks ago. prosecutrix went to a Roman Catholic convent at Finchley, near London, but not liking the regulations there she returned to Redcar. Prosecutrix, who gave her evidence in a very extraordinary manner, said she never went to her house, when she returned, but was told that the goods had been removed by her daughter and sold. Canon Yeoman: have you ever examine the house yourself to see if the goods were in? Witness: No. – Mr. Newcomen: how have you learned your living? Witness: By hawking. Mr. Newcomen: Have you ever been in prison? Witness: Of course. (Laughter). I was sent for stealing twelve yards of bad calico from Scaling’s shop, but it was wrong. Mr. Newcomen: The case is dismissed Witness: It is very hard. I cannot get my furniture.- Mr. Newcomen: You cannot show that there are not in the house. Witness: I know they are not there. – The prosecutrix then left the court, grumbling as she went out about the hardships she suffered because the bench would not believe that what she said was the truth.


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