LAW & ORDER – Trespassing and Illegally carrying firearm near Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn by the-Sea Gazette 15/06/1877.


            On Tuesday (12/06), at the Guisborough petty sessions, (before Admiral Chaloner, the Earl of Zetland, and James Merryweather, Esq.), Woodley Green, miner, was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on land belonging to A. H. Turner Newcomen, Esq., at Dunsdale on 27th  May. The case was proved by Harland Hardcastle and 10s. and costs.

Timothy Buckingham and Henry Clarkson, of Redcar, were charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on land belonging to A. H. Turner Newcomen, Esq., At Kirkleatham in the occupation of Mrs. Bennison, on the 31st ult. A gamekeeper, named Charlton stated that he met the defendants of Mrs. Bennison’s land with a gun. He saw Clarkson look over the field, and then go over the fence and shoot a hare, which he gave to the other defendant, who put it in his pocket. He charged them with trespassing, when they made off in the direction of Coatham. Mr. Teale, of Middlesbrough, appeared on behalf of the defendants who were fined 40 shillings each and costs. Clarkson was further charged with being unlawfully in search and pursuit of game, and having them and their in his possession a gun, a powder flask containing gunpowder, and a shot tin. Police Sergeant Alexander stated that about half past five o’clock on the morning of the 31st ult., his attention was attracted to defendant by hearing a short fired. He went across the sandbanks and so Charlton and Clarkson in altercation with each other. Clarkson afterwards walked away, and when he got onto the highway at Coatham witness searched him, and found the articles named in his possession. Mr Teale said the defendant was servant to a Mr. Meek, of Redcar, and was carrying home the gun for his master. The Bench considered this case also proved, and find defendant 5s.and costs, besides ordering the article to be forfeited.




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