LETTER – Poor Treatment of Donkeys

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 27/08/1969.

To the Editor of the Redcar and Saltburn by-the Sea-Gazette.

            Sir, I venture to make an appeal to the public through your journal, on behalf of the poor donkeys which are let out on the Sands. It cannot have escaped most people, particularly the ladies, who promenade the, how cruelly these poor animals are treated by the boys and girls, and occasionally by the men who drive them,-the whips and sticks are longer and heavier than they used to be, and the laws are inflicted with greater force than formally.

Time advances rapidly in our day, and we live in a fast age. A great deal of talk, very properly, takes place in Parliament about composts free education for the youths of our country, and surely no one can help advocating such an Act when they contemplate the number of children brought up in such a debasing and cruel manner as vast numbers are, flagellating these are worth patient creatures, half starved and worried and worried all day long, with few to befriend them. The blows I witnessed were most unmerciful, and a lady with whom I come first agreed with me, and expressed the hope that the public generally might be in Jews, through mention being made in your journal, to check the brutality by remonstrating with the drivers, who seem perfectly aware when spoken to, of their dereliction. I beg to apologise for asking you the favour of publishing this letter, and I am.


Your obedient Servant,



Lol Hansom March 13, 2013 Beach, Editorial, Letters and other.