LIFE BRIGADE – Inspection of the Redcar & Coatham Volunteer Life Brigade

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/10/1877.


            The quarterly practice of this brigade took place on Tuesday afternoon (02/10), when the members were inspected by Captain Cecil F. Johnson, R.N., Assistant Coastguard Inspector. The rocket apparatus was placed on the sands, near the front of the Coatham Hotel, and a capital shot was fired, the line passing right over the Paul erected for the purpose. No delay took place in the fastening of the ropes, as was the case at the last quarterly practice, and two persons were promptly conveyance from the pier to the shore, but an unforeseen accident occurred just as the men were about to proceed with the removal of a third person, by the breaking of a chain fastening the blocks to the backstay: fortunately, no one was injured, as would most likely have been the case if the chain had broken a few minutes later. At the close of the inspection, Captain Johnson expressed himself as better satisfied with the way in which the members of the brigade had gone about their duties, the apparatus having been adjusted, and the line is fixed in about half the time occupied for this purpose at the last inspection. The prize for throwing the line was worn by Charles Whitaker.


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