LIFEBOAT – Grand Fete to the Free Gardeners and Fishermen of Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 23/11/1877.


            Yesterday (22/11), a grand demonstration took place at Redcar in connection with the United Order of Free Gardeners, the immediate object of which appears to have been the presentation to Mrs. Dawson, of Weston Hall, Otley, with a splendid duel and an illuminated address commemorative of the launch of the Free Gardeners’ life boat at Redcar, and of Mrs. Dawson’s munificence as patroness of the lifeboat. This benevolent lady, in addition to the sum of £100, given by her at the launch of the life boat in July last, contributed the sum of £140 for the re-construction of the carriage (which, it will be remembered by our readers, proved inefficient as originally built); besides which Mrs Dawson contributed yesterday £100 towards the expenses of the boat, became an annual subscriber of £10, and also gave a rig-out of jerseys, etc., to the crew of the boat. Mrs. Dawson entertained the life boat committee and the hon. Members of the Order to a sum she is dinner at the Red Lion Hotel, at which Mrs. and Miss Dawson, Captain Dawson, J. Dodds, Esq., M. P., M. B. Dodds, Esq., Rev. W. Milburne, and other distinguished members of the Order were present. The meeting being of a private character, the press was not invited, but we understand that the speech of the evening was delivered by Mr. W. A. Picknett, the indefatigable and enthusiast secretary of the Free Gardeners, to whose active and persevering efforts the movement owes much of its success. In addition to the banquet at the Red Lion, which was of a costly character, and provided entirely at Mrs. Dawson’s expense, this generous and Lady entertained the fishermen and crew of the Free Gardeners’ life boat to supper at the Globe Hotel, where creature comforts of the very best description were provided, regardless of cost. The proceedings of the day included a launch of the lifeboat, which was successfully accomplished, and we congratulate the Order of Free Gardeners, and the crew of their life boat in obtaining for their patroness and staunch supporter a lady whose heart and liberal hand are household words in Redcar..


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