LIFEBOAT – Hartlepool new lifeboats

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 19/05/1876


            The National Lifeboat Institution has just forwarded another new lifeboat to Hartlepool. The boat is 33 feet long 8 ½ feet wide, and rows 10 oars, double banked; it possesses the usual valuable characteristics of the self righting boats, and is furnished with a transporting and launching carriage, and full equipment of valuable stores. A substantial of the commodious house has been erected for the boat and carriage on a convenient site on the North Sands, while a launching slipway has also been constructed for the use of the boat. The expense of this lifeboat establishment was defrayed by Mrs. Mather (now Mrs. Jerningham), of Longridge house, Northumberland, in memory of her late husband, after whom the boat is named the Charles Mather. The inauguration of the new lifeboat establishment took place yesterday (18/05), on which occasion the other lifeboat sent to Hartlepool last February by the Lifeboat Institution was also launched. The boat which is a 25 foot ten oared lifeboat, is stationed in the harbour, in a new house prepared for its reception, and the cost of that lifeboat establishment was made from a trust fund placed at the disposal of the Institution by Mr. G. P. Wragge, of Birmingham, on behalf of the late Rev Charles Ingleby, of Cheadle, Staffordshire, the boat being named the Charles Ingleby. The formation of these two lifeboat establishments as cost altogether nearly £2,000, and it is hoped the public of Hartlepool and the neighbourhood will now come forward liberally with their annual subscriptions in aid of the support for these boats, and the third lifeboat on the station, which is also under the management of the Institution. The maintenance of these three boats involves an expenditure of at least £200 per annum. It should be mentioned that the society is much indebted to Mr. S. Herbert Belk, Mr. John Hawkins, and other friends for their kind cooperation in the organisation of the Hartlepool new lifeboat establishments. It may be added that the National Lifeboat Institution has now 254 lifeboats under its management, 77 of which are stationed in the east and north-east coasts of England, between the Thames and Berwick-on-Tweed. Not a winter passes without some of the sports rendering important service in saving life from shipwreck. A large sum up is needed annually to maintain them in a state of the efficiency.


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