LIFEBOAT – The Lifeboat Ceremony at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/07/1878.


            On Monday (10/06), there was a great gathering of Free Gardeners in West Hartlepool – the first of its kind ever held in that town – on the occasion of the annual general meeting of the entire order in England, which compromises about 80 districts, 1400 lodges, or 46,000 members. After attesting the presence of the various delegates, numbering upwards of 180, a procession was formed, with the attractive adjunct of regalia banners, and band, and, after traversing several of the principal streets, it found its way to the harbour-mouth, where the Newcastle steamer Livingstone waited to transport the members of the fraternity to Redcar. The band of the 4th Durham Artillery Volunteers attended them on the trip. The object of this visit to Redcar, was to inaugurate the gift of the life boat, which has been presented by the order to the fishermen of Redcar, chiefly at the cost of their worthy patroness, Mrs. Dawson, of Weston Hal, Poole, with Capt. Dawson, has also liberally erected the house in which the board is to be kept, and discharged various incidental expenses as well. The total outlay is stated to be a little short of £3000, for, besides the house proper of the new life boat, there is additional accommodation in the shape of dwelling-house, committee-room, observatory, bagatelle room, and reading room. The Livingstone having discharged its living freight at the Redcar pier landing stage, the members read-formed procession, and headed as at first, by the band, they proceeded along the pier and Esplanade to the new lifeboat house, and minutely inspected both it and its future tenant. We ought to mention that the members sported on this location, for the first time, a new and handsome banner, which cost, it is said the under £30 and belongs to the South Durham district. It displayed the leading emblems of mottoes of the order in rich characters, and was much admired. The “ship’s company,” was received at Redcar with all honours. Thousands of persons witnessed their departure from West Hartlepool, and thousands more welcome them on the landing. A select few were fitted to the suite of the buildings already described. Mr. William A Picknett, secretary to the local Lifeboat Committee, in a feel graceful sentences introduced Captain and Mrs. Dawson, Miss Dawson and Mr. William Robson, vice president of the committee. The party were received with enthusiasm. Captain Dawson expressed his sincere pleasure in being the medium of the gift about to be inaugurated, and said he should endeavour to make the entire establishment complete and thoroughly efficient. He then intimated that Mrs. Dawson would go through the ceremony of handing over the building sometime in August, when the event would be attended by the usual festivities. This announcement was hailed with three hearty cheers. The lifeboat was shortly afterwards launched, the crew appearing for the first time in their new uniform, the gift of Mrs. Dawson. The proceedings were throughout attended by the greatest eclat. At the business meeting of the order of West Hartlepool, on Tuesday (11/06), a long discussion took place with reference to the maintenance of the lifeboat establishment, as to whether it should be by compulsory levy on the members or by voluntary subscription. On being put to the board 87 voted in favour of the latter, while for a compulsory levy of, per member only 70 voted 1d. It was stated that the life boat was in debt to the extent of £450, also, that the sum of £73.1s.8d. had been subscribed to it that day. The life boat committee was re—appointed as follows; – Captain Dawson, Weston Hall, president; Messrs. W. Robson, Stockton, vice president; R, S. Hopper (Messrs. Pearse and Co.’s), J. G. Thompson, solicitor; Councillor T. Walton, James, Michaelin, R. Wood (Stockton), Dr. MacKinlay, Captains Trattles and Weatherill, Messrs. J. Parkin, G. Fletcher, W. A. Picknett (Redcar), and G. Warren (South Bank).


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