LIFEBOAT – A new lifeboat for Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 16/06/1876


At the annual meeting of the governing body of the United Free Gardeners’ last week, at West Bromwich, it was resolved to order the construction of a lifeboat, for which £400 has already been subscribed, and to station it at Redcar. It was stated at the discussion which preceded the passing of this resolution that no better place could be found for the lifeboat than Redcar. The present lifeboat is unsuited by reason of its straight keel for the shell or-shelving beach, and it was probable that it would be removed to a place better suited to its build. Wrecks were frequent. No place was better situated for access by rail if the United Free Gardeners’ wish to use, and see their boat launched. Owing to the number of members of the society at Redcar, the new lifeboats could be manned exclusively by United Free Gardeners. These considerations led to the unanimous decision reported above. The new boat is expected, will be ready for the members to inspect at their next annual meeting at Barrow in 1877.


Lol Hansom September 21, 2014 Lifeboat