LIFEBOAT – Rescue of 9 Fishermen

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 19/03/1874


     On Saturday morning, 13th inst, , three fishing cobles belonging to Redcar, three men in each boat, whilst pursuing their ordinary avocation, had a very narrow escape of being lost at sea. When the boats put off in the morning, about five o’clock, the sea was comparatively smooth; but before long a violent storm was raging, which placed the boats and their crews in imminent danger and it was soon evident that if some aid was not speedily forthcoming, a sad loss of life would have occurred. The drum went round and the old lifeboat the “Redcar,” the heroic deeds of which were happily recoded in verse by Lord Stratford De Redcliffe, when on a visit to the late Earl of Zetland, at Upleatham – was speedily manned, and put to sea on its errand of mercy. The swell at the time was tremendous, frequently shutting out the lifeboat and the cobles from the anxious gaze of a large number of spectators who lined the beach and the Redcar pier, and waited the result with breathless anticipation. The lifeboat nobly did its work, and succeeded in getting all the crews of the cobles on board, and returned them safe and sound – save for being very cold and wet – to the arms of their anxious wives and relatives, who were congregated on the shore.


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