LIFEBOATS – Gallant lifeboat service at Whitby

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 20/05/1876


            A very important lifeboat service was performed at Whitby on Wednesday evening (18/05), by which more than a dozen fishermen were rescued from the storm. In the afternoon some of the fishing craft put out to sea in comparatively moderate weather. Before six p.m. it was blowing a violent girl from the north-east, with a heavy sea. Three fishing cobles were then descried from the look-out, at some distance to the north, labouring much in the heavy sea, and were rolling in a fearful manner. One of the Royal National Lifeboat Society’s boats was immediately launched, and fully manned, and succeeded in reaching the cobles through the tempestuous seas, but not without difficulty and danger. The crews were taken off three cobles – the latter, with all their fish, being abandoned, but were afterwards washed upon the beach with the loss. The most arduous and dangerous part of the service was in the lifeboat coming through the tremendous surf towards the sand, on which the seas were breaking every moment in an alarming manner. This was safely accomplished, and the poor fishermen were placed on land, and received every attention in their distress. The gallant service was witnessed by hundreds of people from the piers. Notwithstanding the severity of the storm, the second lifeboat almost immediately after put off to another fishing boat in distress, and succeeded in taking her cruel off, landing them in safety. The Coastguard (Mr. Richard Smith, chief officer) were active in aiding this meritorious life saving service, and the skill, promptitude, and gallantry of the lifeboat crews were much applauded.


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