LISTED Buildings of Redcar




1.Sir William Turners Hospital, Kirkleatham
2.Entrance screen, loggias, forts, flat & outhouses to Sir William Turner’s Hospital – Kirkleatham
3.St Cuthberts Church – Kirkleatham
4.The Turner Mausoleum – Kirkleatham
5.Gate piers at entrance to forecourt of Kirkleatham School



1.  RNLI Zetland Boathouse & attached wall.
2.  Red Barns Hotel.
3.  St Peters Church.
4.  Redcar Railway Station.
5.  Lighthouse ( South Gare)
6.  Memorial Clock ( on the boundary of Redcar & Coatham)
7.  Westfield House Dormanstown Green.
8.  Clarendon House 151, High Street, ( including the small railings at the front)
9.  Numbers1 to 20 ( 20 properties) Dorman’s Crescent, Dormanstown ( first homes for pensioners in the country ).
10.  War Memorial in the grounds of Redcar & Cleveland College, Corporation Road.
11.  Warehouse – Kirkleatham St.
12.  Christ Church. Coatham…used to be called the church in the fields. Why? because it was !! also Lychgate and boundary wall North.
13.  Numbers 44,46, 48, 50, High Street West.
14.  Marsh House Farm Cottage, Tod Point Road.
15.  Barn & Stable north west of Marsh Farmhouse.
16.  Listening post west of 2, Holyhead Drive.
17.  Gladwins Warehouse (West) of Redcar Business Centre.
18.  Red Barns House & Red Barns Hotel, Kirkleatham Street.
19.  Wheatlands Farmhouse.
20.  Garden wall (South) of Wheatlands Farmhouse.
21.  Farm buildings & fold yard west of Wheatlands Farmhouse.
22.  Gate house (Northeast) of Kirkleatham Hall Stables.
23.  Bastion & ha-ha wall, north of Kirkleatham Hall Stables.
24.  Bastion (Nortwest) of Kirkleatham Hall Stables.
25.  Barn & Stable adjoining Manor Farm House.
26.  Byre range & fold yard west of Manor Farmhouse.
27.  Manor Farmhouse, cart shed & outhouse, Kirkleatham Lane.
28.  Boundary wall, ha-ha wall, gates & gate piers south of Kirkleatham Hall School.
29.  Barn & stable (Northwest) of Foxrush Farmhouse.
30.  Foxrush Farmhouse & garden wall, Kirkleatham Lane.
31.  Gate piers at entrance to drive Kirkleatham School.
32.  Boundary walls & traverse wall, Kirkleatham Gardens.
33.  Number 7, The Cottages, Kirkleatham.
34.  The Dower House, 8,9,10, The Cottages.
35.  The Old Vicarage, 11, The Cottages.
36.  Old Hall Museum.
37.  Ha-ha wall at the entrance to Sir William Turner’s Hospital.
38.  Statue of Justice in courtyard Sir William Turner’s Hospital .
39.  Corney chest tomb, (East) of St Cuthberts Church.
40.  Newcomen tombstone (Northwest) of St Cuthberts Church.
41.  Gaunt tombstone (North) of St Cuthberts Church.
42.  Gates, gate piers, wall, steps and mounting block, east of St Cuthberts Church



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