MEETING – Burial board


Accreditation, the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 29/01/1874.


            A special meeting of the Vestry of the Consolidated Chapelry of St. Peter, Redcar, was held in the Infant School-room, Redcar, yesterday (28/01), for the purpose of electing three persons as members of the Burial Board in consequence of the retirement by rotation of Messrs. John Cowl, Thomas Watson, and Robert Abbey; and also to appoint two persons to be auditors of the accounts of the Board, and to determine when the audit shall take place. The Rev. W. Milburne presided. The retiring members were re-elected nem,con., and  Messrs. T. H. Wilkinson and T. Bland appointed auditors, and the audit fixed for March 25th. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings. The fifth, will



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