MEETING OTHER PLACE – Sunday Closing of Public Houses in Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 21/02/1891


            On Tuesday (17/02) evening, a public meeting was held in the Central Hall, in favour of closing public houses on Sundays. Mr. E. Robson presided. The Rev. J. Wallace moved a resolution that we perdition Parliament in favour of the Bill for closing public houses on Sundays. Mr. C. Bell seconded the resolution. The Rev J Groves moved that the Chairman and Secretary sign the petition on behalf of the meeting. Mr. J. Shewell seconded the resolution. Mr. J. Hudson who was called from the audience supported the resolution. There was only a poor attendance.

Press comment ;- If the temperance party are desirous of closing public houses on Sundays, why don’t they open a free Reading Room and Smoking Room, and let them be open every day (Sundays included). The public would then have a place to which they could resort free from the temptation to imbibe intoxicating liquors. Until there is something more than talking done, temperance will not make much more progress (in this district) in the future than it is done in the past.


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