MEETING (other) – The suggested Joint Local Board for Redcar and Kirkleatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/12/1876


            On Monday (10/12) evening, a meeting of property owners and ratepayers was held in the Infant School-room, Redcar, for the purpose of considering whether it is expedient that the Township of Redcar and the Parish of Kirkleatham should be merged into one District, under one Local Board. The meeting was called by the Chairman of the Redcar Local Board of Health, in pursuance of a resolution passed at the last meeting of the Board. About eighty persons were present. Mr. J. H. Webster was voted to the chair, on the motion of Mr. M. Crabtree, seconded by Mr. Jas. Coulson.

The Chairman said all present would be aware of the purport of the meeting, and had no doubt read the resolution passed at the meeting of the Local Board on the previous Monday. At that meeting it was thought desirable that a ratepayers’ meeting should be called, in order that every ratepayer might have an opportunity of expressing an opinion on the desirability or otherwise of Redcar and Kirkleatham being merged in one Local Board District. He (the Chairman) suggested that the meeting endorse the action the Local Board had taken in the matter, but at the same time if any persons present were of a different opinion, he invited them freely to give expression of their views.

Mr. W. A. Picknett (overseer) said he did not think anyone in the room would be in favour of Redcar being joined to Kirkleatham, and he would move that the resolution passed by the Local Board be re-affirmed at that meeting as follows:- “That this meeting is of opinion that it is not expedient that the Parish of Kirkleatham should be added to the District of Redcar, for the following reasons:-

(1)       That the proposed representation, viz., nine members for Kirkleatham and six for Redcar, would practically place the governing power in the hands of Kirkleatham.

(2)       That it does not appear that the union of the two places would be of any advantage to the ratepayers of Redcar, but on the contrary that the rates would be thereby increased.

(3)       That the District of Redcar has its own separate drainage system and water supply, and it is of the greatest importance that the ratepayers of Redcar, being liable for the existing debt, should have full control over their own permanent works.

(4)       That if a union took place the existing offices of the Local Board might be removed from office, and the ratepayers of Redcar a lawn would have to compensate them, in the manner pointed out by the Public Health Act, 1875.”

Mr. George Wren (overseer) seconded the proposition.

The Chairman again invited anyone who wished to do so to address the meeting, and as no amendment was proposed the proposition was put to the meeting and unanimously carried, every hand in the room being held up in favour of it.

Mr. Previll proposed that a copy of the resolution be forwarded to the Local Government Board by the Chairman, on behalf of of that meeting.

Mr. Wren seconded, and this also was carried unanimously.

The Chairman said that this was really all the business of the meeting.

A vote of thanks was then accorded to the Chairman, on the motion of Mr. Wren, seconded by Mr. Picknett.

In acknowledging the compliment, the Chairman remarked that as all were of the opinion his duties had been a light.

This brought the meeting to a close.