OTHER MEETINGS – Redcar Burial Board Election

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 30/07/1874.


            The election of a member for the Burial Board of the consolidated Chapel of the St Peter’s, Redcar, in the place of Mr Robert Abbey, deceased, has resulted in the return of Mr Matthew Crabtree, late surveyor to the Local Board. A vestry meeting was held on the (22/07), which had been announced in the usual way, viz., by notice on the church andchapel doors, but very few of the ratepayers seemed to be aware of the fact of the meeting being called, and only about 40 were present. Two gentleman word nominated, Mr Joseph Mallaby, and Mr Matthew Crabtree, the show of hands, being largely in favour of Mr Crabtree, only for being held up for Mr Mallaby. The supporters of the latter complaint of the meeting, having been “packed” by the friends of Mr Crabtree, and demanded a poll, which was fixed to take place on Monday (03/08). In the interval a vigourous canvas of the town was made, in the interest of both parties, and, in sporting parlance, the “odds” seemed to be greatly in favour of Mr Crabtree. On Monday their supporters were again astir, cabs and other vehicles being employed to bring up voters to the poll, so that the town walk quite an unwanted aspect. Mr Crabtree headed the pall all through the afternoon, and at the close. It was found that he had been elected by a majority of 82, the numbers being – Crabtree, 157; Mallaby, 75. The Rev. W. Milburn vicar, was the returning officer.


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