MILITARY – Encampment of 1st Administrative North Yorks Volunteers

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 03/06/1875



            Redcar and Coatham have been in a state of excitement since Tuesday (01/06) in consequence of Volunteers in the neighbourhood, and the town has been inundated with the “red jackets” parading about.

The encampment of the 1st Administrative Battalion of the North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers, numbering 500 strong, under the support of Lieut. Colonel Wilson, supported by the following officers:- Major Scoope, Capt. and Adjutant H. Powell, Capt. Wilson, Capt Wetherell, Lieut. Bolton, and Lieut. Beardsley, Capt. Yeoman, Lieut. Pierson, Capt. Sowerby, Lieuts. Forbes and Atkinson, Capt. Fowles, Lieut. Richmond, Lieut. Sir Charles Dodsworth, Bart., Capt. Chapman, Lieut. Burrell, Capt. Booth, Lieuts. Hutchinson and Harrison, Capt. Mason, Capt. Croft, and Lieuts. Croft and Knowles.

The tents, numbering 115, are pitched in a field belonging to Mrs Bennison, on the Kirkleatham Road, and present a novel appearance, being arranged in rows, the whole forming a square. The strictest military regulations are enforced, and strangers are not admitted to the camp except on leave. The men appear to be healthy and well trained body, and no doubt the encampment will give them a striking reality of a soldier’s life. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the streets, and therefore the “pipe” is kept in close quarters, and need only in privacy. The weather has been favourable for the occasion, with a bright and genial sun beaming upon the men have been, so far, creditable, and only one unruly mortal has been dismissed the service.

The arrangements for the comfort of the Camp has been entrusted to Mr Bulmer, High Street, Redcar, for butcher’s meat, and Capt. Dale, of the Queen’s Hotel, for liquors, which are supplied by Mr Burton of the firm of Messrs Collins, Steadman & Co., Redcar, from their excellent stores, and which is of superior quality to what is generally supplied on such occasions. Mr Wilkinson, confectioner and general contractor, has the control of the canteen department, of which consists of four large tents. The “camp followers” are but few, and those are kept in busy exercise at the cooking department/

The grand review takes place to-morrow (Friday (04/05), and the Col, in command spares no time in preparing those under his charge for the inspection. The duties imposed upon the men are no doubt heavy, and will be long remembered by those who comprise the present encampment.


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