Military – First North Durham Militia

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 03/08/1877.


The North Durham Militia, having completed their twenty-eight days’ training at Redcar, were disbanded on Saturday and (28/07). Strict discipline was enforced during the time the men were encamped, and their conduct on the hall was satisfactory up to the last night of their stay, when a man named Charles Haines, residing at Warrenby, was set upon by three members of the corps, who demanded his money; on being refused, they attacked Haines with their belts, it injuring him severely. Information having been given to the Police Sergeant Alexander that officer visited the camp, and after informing Colonel Allison of what had occurred, he was at once permitted to inspect the ranks. One of the men, named John Scaith, belonging Darlington, who was without a belt, was picked out and identified by Haines as one of his assailants, but he refused to disclose the names of his comrades. Prisoner was taken before the magistrates at Guisborough on Tuesday (31/07) prosecutor being unable to appear, he was remanded, the Bench, declining to accept bail.


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