MILITARY – Militia Encampment at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/07/1877.


            The Second North Durham Militia, under the command of Colonel Allison, arrived at Redcar by special train on Tuesday night (03/07) for their annual month’s drill. An advanced party, consisting of two officers and 54 known commissioned officers and men, arrived on the 28th ult., and took up their quarters on the race-course, which is becoming noticed as a rendezvous for the militia and volunteers. Between the time of their arrival, and that of the main body of the regiment, the fatigue party were busily engaged in putting up the tents, etc., and preparing the cooking trenches, so that everything was ready for the reception of the corps. The tents present a picturesque appearance, and with the exception of the length of the grass, the ground is all that could be desired for the purposes of a camp, being well drained, and effectually enclosed. Full attention is paid to the comfort of the regiment. The men are each provided with straw palliasse, ground sheets, and grey blankets, such as are in general use in the army. The arrangements of each tend as such, that a feeling of cold at night is almost out of question, the only thing to be desired being a little more ventilation. On a wet all windy night, of course, that is the unpleasant possibility of a tent being upset in the first case from the strain upon the ropes consequent on the stretching of the canvas, and in the second case being blown over. Beyond this, the men are quite as snug as though they were ordinary room of a cottage. One desideratum of a soldier’s life appears to have been attended to, and that is an excellent canteen. Beer can be supplied at 2 ½ per pint. The regiment, the strength on paper of which is 800, the actual number being about 750, commenced drill on Wednesday morning (04/07). Fine weather may be reasonably anticipated, though within the last two or three days there has been a considerable guarantee of rain.


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