MILITARY & WAR YEARS – Officers’ Challenge Cup Competition

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 31/05/1878.


            On Wednesday (29/05) afternoon. The offices of the 1st North York Volunteer Artillery held their annual competition, at the Redcar battery, the prize being the silver challenge cup. The targets were moored at 1500 yards, and two shots were fired by each officer from the 64 pounder muzzle loading rifled gun. The highest number of points obtainable – except for a hit, which counted 12 – was 10 for each shot, five points for elevation, and five for direction. About a dozen officers took part in the competition, which terminated in a tie, Major J. Stevenson, Captain Knights, and Lieutenant Harkess, all succeeding in obtaining the splendid score of 19. The shooting of the other gentleman was also very good. The band was in attendance, and played during the afternoon.


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