MILLITARY – The 1st North Yorkshire artillery Volunteers. Gun Competition

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/09/1871.


          The annual distribution of prices in connection with this corps took place at Redcar, on Saturday afternoon (09/09), to the successful competitors. The prizes included the chaplain’s silver cup, which was competed for at the same time as the challenge cup, by 16 non-commissioned officers, to been selected from each of the eight batteries. The cup has to be one twice in succession, or upon three separate occasions, before it becomes the property of the winner. Last year it was won by Cpl J. Brown. of No. 7 battery, whose name is engraved upon it, and this year it was won by Sergeant-Major A. Harland, of No.4 battery; Sgt E. Atkinson, of No.2 battery, being second. There were 20 money prices, varying from £5 to 5. shillings. Captain and Adjutant Hay, in the absence of Lieutenant-Colonel Chaloner, presented the prizes, and, in doing so, referred to the fact that five men who want good prizes have to be struck off the list because they were not efficient. He also referred to the fact that many men might be disappointed because they were not amongst the winners, they having made what appeared a good shot for their share; but some of the shots which were in a direct line were far deficient in point of elevation, and the prizes were awarded to the best shops – elevation as well as line being taken into consideration.


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