PEOPLE – MORRIS, William. Councillor Man of many Parts

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 11/02/1933

“A Man of Many Parts” and a Redcar
By HUGH W. COOK, Redcar

   Councillor William Morris of Coatham Redcar, is in deed a “man of many parts,” but in spite of leading a busy life he always finds time to do good for the seaside borough which he represents on the council.

   A native of Teesside district Mr. and Mrs. Morris came to reside in Redcar about 22 years ago, and since that time they have always taken an interest in the welfare of the town.
Mr. Morris was elected to a seat on the Redcar Town Council when the new borough was inaugurated in 1922, but he had previously been a member of the last Urban District Council – in fact he is the oldest member of the Redcar Council.
Mr. Morris is Chairman of the Electricity Committee, and has an excellent record of honourable service in the interests of the community.
Commencing his early business life at the Teesside Iron and Engineering Works, he later transferred to Messrs. Bolckow, Vaughan, and Co., and severing his connection with the latter firm, Mr Morris joined Messrs. Anderson’s Foundry. Co., at Port Clarence, and is now one of the directors of this firm.
The first Church Lads’ Brigade to be formed on Teesside was organised by Mr. Morris, in connection with Holy Trinity Church, North Ormesby, and for some years he was Superintendent of the local Band of Hope there, and which at that period had a membership of over 500.
When the Great War broke out he joined the 5th York’s (Redcar) Detachment British Red Cross Society, and served with great credit until the close of the war.
Through the energetic efforts of Mr. Morris a Ford ambulance car was acquired for the detachment in 1915, and he was the driver of this car, and also acted as voluntary driver throughout his period of service, transporting hundreds of cases without mishap, which speaks much for his interest in this work. He was Motor Section Leader. As a fellow member of 5th Yorkshires I can vouch for the great work that Mr. Morris carried out, and was always happiest when doing good.
Again through his efforts the whole detachments were supplied with the regulation Red Cross uniform in February, 1915.
Our good friend is the holder of the Cross “Merit Badge,” an honour well worth winning. Regarding Freemasonry, he was Past Master of the Redcar Marwood Lodge, also a member of other lodges and has the honour of being Deputy Past Provincial Director of Ceremonies for the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire.
Always having a been a keen churchman with Mrs. Morris he has done much for St. Andrews’ Church Warrenby, in fact I have not space to enumerate all their good work in this respect.
Mrs. Morris, who is a member of a well known and respected Middlesbrough family does her utmost to supplement the good work carried out by her husband and although most of this is conducted by both, is an unassuming manner. The Town of Redcar has much to thank them for.


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