INCIDENT – Coatham Narrow Escape From Drowning, West Scar Rocks.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 05/09/1873


     A very exciting and gallant rescue from drowning was witnessed last Sunday morning from the beach. It appears that two persons, a man, and a boy about ten years of age, named Thomas Pearce, the son of a jet ornament manufacturer of Leeds, had lingered on the west scar rocks near Coatham Pier until the tide flowed around them, and before they were aware of their danger there was a considerable depth of water between them and the shore. The man managed to get safely off without attempting to assist, who as soon as he was conscious of his position, tried to make his way to land. The rock at the point on which he stood falls down perpendicularly several feet, consequently the water was deep at that place, and into which he stepped, and was likely to be drowned.
David Stonehouse, a middle aged fisherman, seeing his danger, ran down to the sea, and divesting himself of a portion of his clothing, swam to his aid and succeeded in catching him as he was making feeble efforts to keep himself afloat. Stonehouse with considerable difficulty managed to get him on the rock, and there waited until a boat was quickly brought by the Brothers Picknett’s, when they were both safely landed, the boy hardly conscious and Stonehouse much exhausted.
A subscription was started for Stonehouse on the spot, and a sum a little under £2 collected immediately to give him. The boy was taken to his lodgings and slowly recovered by the application of the usual remedies. Great praise is due to Stonehouse for the rescue, which was witnessed by a very excited multitude. Nor must the Picknett’s be forgotten, who so rapidly procured the boat, and thus completed an act which reflects great credit on all concerned.


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