SEAFRONT – Seats for Promenade 1869

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/07/1869

The Promenade gets new Seats 1869

The placing of additional seats on the Promenade and sands for the accommodation of visitors, was next on the topics: it was shewn that the want of them was very much felt and complained of, for the few the Board possessed were always occupied. As the Sea Wall was 700 yards long, it was stated by the Surveyor that not less than a dozen chairs would be required, and the old ones could then go upon the sands. It was after deliberation, resolved that twelve chairs (each 6 feet long, and costing 22s) with wrought iron sides and stays, should be purchased as soon as possible from Mr Cadle of Stockton.


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