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Paccittos’ Espalande, Redcar. Home of the ‘LEMON TOP’ Ice Cream

The Paccitto family first came to the United Kingdom, in 1897/1898, (104 years ago) from Italy. Their first visit was understood to be temporary, and they returned shortly back to Italy. Late in 1898, the Paccitto family returned to England, and Giocoso Paccitto, began a chain of shops starting with a cafe premises/ice cream in Norton Road, Stockton. These premises have long since gone under the demolition bulldozer. They re-sited their shop premises, which are still there in Stockton, along Yarm Road/Dovecot Street junction.

Giocoso started the shops located in Redcar in 1924. The ‘Nova Bar’ on The Esplanade, Redcar, (now long gone) became a favourite for an ice cream in the early days of Redcar. If you are old enough you should be able to remember the premises, over the other side of the road from the pier ballroom.

The present Esplanade premises (next to M & S) are now owned by Mike & George Paccitto. Both premises were running side by side until the ‘Nova Bar’ was demolished. Shortly after this, the family business extended into the High Street. During this time the family expanded further, to the well-known seaside town of Scarborough.

A local thought is that people think that both the Redcar shops are connected all the way through from the High Street to The Esplanade. This is quite untrue, and is in fact separate shops.


Paccittos’ High Street shop Cafe where you can still buy your ‘Lemon Top’ Ice cream.

The next time you are in the town give them a visit for your morning/afternoon tea or coffee. Give the children (or yourself) a treat with a lemon top 99 + flake ice cream, from one of their shops. Nothing has much changed around the cafes if you have memories of the places. They are kept spotless, and friendly and helpful staff serve you.

Have you any memories of being in Paccitto’. One of our members states, she has a favourite seat, where she always sits when she is home.

Do you have a favourite seat, or happy memory of the cafe? Drop us a line or tell us on our discussion board.


Many thanks got to the Paccitto family for the above information.


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