PEOPLE & EVENT – S. HOGGARD Photgraphy displayed

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn Evening Gazette 24/05/1878


            We have much pleasure in drawing the attention of the public to a very fine specimen of this art, which is down on view at the office of this journal. The picture is from the studio of Mr. S. Hoggard, Grant Villa, court, and is the portrait of a child painted on porcelain, being enlarged from a carte-de-visite taken at the same establishment. We can sincerely congratulate the accomplished artist, Mr. Fry, on his successful work. As a work of art we have rarely seen it equalled, for besides being an excellent likeness it is a perfectly artistic picture, and as such a pleasure for the eye to gaze on. When we add the child of which it is the “counterfeit presentment” is since dead, some idea may be formed of the feelings of the parents will have such a portrait to perpetuate her memory.


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