PIERS – Redcar and Saltburn damaged

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 14/10/1875


            The gale raged with great violence at Redcar and Coatham. Sea after sea broke a short distance from the pier head, covering few persons who ventured forth to view the boisterous ocean – with showers of spray. It appears Saltburn Pier suffered very much from the force of the waves, the whole of the pier head, landing steps, &c. – in all about fifty yards – being carried away. The sands between Redcar and Saltburn were covered with debris of the pier.

On Friday morning (08/010) a large quantity of timber was noticed on the sands above Redcar, leading to the belief that some vessel must have been wrecked, but it was found to have belonged to Saltburn Pier, part of which was washed away. In the afternoon one of the wooden girders of Saltburn Pier, about thirty feet in length, with two large pieces of ironwork attached, was noticed among the breakers off Redcar Pier Head, and about four o’clock it struck with tremendous force against the east side of the pier, breaking off one of the cast iron columns, and afterwards getting entangled in the column opposite the one broken, against which it struck with every sea. Efforts were made to remove it by means of grappling irons and ropes. As it was feared greater damage would be done, but in vain; it was left to be tossed about with the rolled waved till the tide had ebbed sufficient for it to be removed. Two vessels in distress were noticed off Coatham Pier, but they appeared to get into Hartlepool.


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