RAILWAY – Collision at Redcar Station.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough or and Stockton Gazette 24/01/1868


            Colonel Hutchinson, R.E, as reported on the circumstances attending the collision near Redcar railway station, on 3 October (1867) In communicating the report to the Railway Company, the Board of Trade expressed a hope that the suggestion of Col Hutchinson would be attended to. The report states:-In considering the causes of this accident the blame must be shared first by the driver of the good train for leaving his train on the main line without seeing that was protected by signals, and for not entering the through goods siding, by the points near the station (and leaving his train in the siding while shunting) instead of by the distant points, his reason for acting as he did being that an empty truck was standing in the siding, which would have somewhat impeded his operations had he entered by the other points; secondly by the single man, for having assumed that the good train had started, and not assuring himself of the fact, also for not warning the stationmaster that the good train had, as he thought, just started; and, thirdly by the driver of the passenger train, for not having kept a better look out at starting. The Company are also to blame for not providing a good train with a break van and guard, so that the protection of the train while shunting might be properly attended to. To guard against future accidents of this nature, I would suggest that starting single for all down trains be provided to be worked by a handle, so placed that the position of a train in any part of the Redcar yard may be visible from it.




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