RAILWAY – Special Trains Arrive.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 10/06/1875


            On Monday (07/06), two special trains – one from Bishop Auckland and one from Spennymoor – arrived at Redcar Railway Station, well freighted with a multitude of juveniles accompanied by their parents and friends.

The day was not very promising, and atmosphere being cloudy, and slight showers of rain falling at intervals; however, this did not deter the excursionists from enjoying themselves, both on land and water. The blind and worn-out ponies, with their companions the “donkeys,” had a heavy day.

In the afternoon and evening, Mr. Groening’s celebrated band made their first appearance this season on Redcar Pier, and played some excellent music. The visitors were numerous, and the finances of the directors would, no doubt, be greatly increased by the amount taken for admission at the entrance to the Pier.


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