RAILWAY – Whitby, Redcar, and Middlesbrough

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 01/01/1874


                Four of the North-Eastern Railway directors, Mr Isaac Lothian Bell, M.P., Mr James Kitson, Mr W. C. Copperthwaithe, and Mr  H. Meysey Thompson, accompanied by two engineers, have been over this line, between Whitby and Lofthouse-by-the-Sea, this week. It is believed that in consequence of representations made to the North-eastern directorate they have it in contemplation to take the line into their hands, finish it in a substantial manner, and get it opened through to Lofthouse, so that when it, and the Whitby and Scarborough Railway, which is making good progress, are finished, there will be an uninterrupted line of coast railway from the Humber to the Tyne. The directors and engineers were met by Mr E. Corner, J.P., of Esk Hall, one of the resident directors of the coast line. It is understood that if the North-Eastern should take up the undertaking, they will make a deviation near Barnaby, so as to avoid the most dangerous part of the route.


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