REDCAR – Adventures of two Redcar boys.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 28/02/1891


            A boy named Arthur Thompson employed in a Redcar printing office, after leaving his work went home on Saturday night (21/02), and in the absence of his parents, he and a younger brother 12 years of age, prepared themselves for a journey, and went to the railway station and booked for Middlesbrough, thence to Stockton, and then to Leeds, at which town they arrived at four o’clock on Sunday morning. Their destination was Liverpool, and they started to walk from Leeds, but got on the wrong road and arrived at Harrogate on Sunday afternoon. To questions asked here, they said they’d been to Leeds by trip and had missed the return train. They were then taken to the railway station and sent to Redcar, reaching Holm at nine o’clock. Next morning Arthur got up before seven o’clock, but instead of going to work marched off again, and has not yet been found. His father has reported the matter to the police with the hope of finding him. He is a quiet and well conduct lad, and the reason can at present be assigned for his unusual conduct. It was reported in Redcar on Tuesday (24/02) that he was seen that day at Stockton and had gone on to Darlington.


Lol Hansom June 15, 2013 Redcar