REDCAR BEACH – Bathing Regulations at Redcar.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 07/10/1875


            On Tuesday, (05/10), before the Langbaurgh East Magistrates, William Preston, boatman, of Redcar, was summoned by Mr. J. G. Thompson, clerk to the Redcar Urban Sanitary Authority, and charged that on the 18th August, 1875, he did let for hire and use, for the purpose of sailing or rowing, a certain pleasure boat called the Nina, within a less distance than thirty yards from a bathing machine stand. Evidence was adduced by Mr Bookless, surveyor to the Sanitary Authority, showing that posts were placed upon the beach at Redcar defining the stations of the ladies’ and gentlemen’s bathing machines, and also the prohibited distances within which the pleasure boats must not go.

On the (18/08) last he went upon the beach, attending to his boat the Nina. He afterwards launched it within six yards of another machine which was being used by some one bathing. He afterwards asked the defendant if he was not aware that he could not launch his boat within a bathing machine stand, and he replied, “Where am I to go then?” When asked for his name defendant refused to give it. Sgt. Alexander and Mr Crabtree, ex-surveyor, also gave evidence in support of the charge.

For the defence Mr W. R. Fawcett, of Yarm, took an objection that the prosecution had not proved that the boat was actually plying for hire, and, therefore, that there was no case for him to answer. The boatmen of Redcar had an idea however, that they were beyond jurisdiction of the Board. They were now satisfied upon this point, but he asked the Bench to dismiss the case on the objection, and the case was dismissed accordingly


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