REDCAR – Boat to Rescue

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 25/07/1936

Mackintosh as Distress Signal
Redcar Boat to Rescue

   Two men aboard a small fishing yacht had a narrow escape off Redcar on Saturday night, when an old mackintosh was hoisted as a distress signal. A Redcar boat, “The Dawn,” went to the rescue, with Cecil and Dick Picknett and Mark Baker aboard her.
Other local fishermen watched their progress carefully through a telescope from the Esplanade to see whether the launching of the lifeboat was necessary. “The City of Venice,” a Tees bound ship, also saw yacht and turned back to help. The Redcar boat got there however, and took the men on board while the ship lay alongside shielding them from the strong wind which had blown the yacht out to sea.
The yacht was “The Kestrel.” One of those on board was a man named B— of Redcar.
Owing to the conditions the fishermen were unable to bring the yacht ashore at the time of the rescue. It was recovered later by a Tees pilot cutter, and taken round South Gare breakwater into calmer waters.


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