REDCAR – Case Wrecking (alleged) Guisborough Court

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/11/1880


          At Guisborough Police Court on Wednesday (4/11), before the Hon. James Lowther and Canon Yeomen, John Hutton, Coatham, carter, (as reported) was charged on remand with stealing a quantity of wearing apparel which had been washed ashore at Redcar from the wrecked barque Mina on the (1/11), the property of a German sailor. The case was adjourned on Tuesday until Wednesday for the attendance of the Coastguard officer and the German sailor the case fell to the ground, and the prisoner was discharged. – Mr Lowther, in discharging the prisoner, said that the Bench could not understand why the Coastguard officer did not attend to prosecute, as Supt Clarkson had seen the officer on Tuesday afternoon, and requested him to attend on Wednesday morning. There appeared to be gross neglect, and the matter would be reported to the Board of Trade.  

(There appears to be some confused reporting above, but typed as reported)


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