REDCAR – Chamber of Commerce Trip to Leeds

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 08/02/1936

Five Hundred Redarites
Visit Leeds


Town Left Empty

   The second annual pantomime trip of their Chamber of Trade, which took place on Tuesday, was a greater success than last year when 220 Redcar people left Redcar by train and spent a merry time in Leeds. Over a hundred hopefuls were refused tickets for it would have meant engaging an extra train. The 520 trippers were certainly missed in the borough. Many shops were closed and there was a distinct quiet in Redcar.
   The special train, which was of the modern buffet type, steamed out of the local station shortly after 12 p.m. Tea was served on the journey to Leeds and travel was anything but tedious. A whole train load of Redcar people, all familiar with one another; they made a very happy party – one big happy family in fact.
   The train arrived at Leeds about half-past two where ideal winter weather conditions greeted the coasters. Although, before they reached Leeds, they had observed that the fields and villages were covered with snow, it was quite fine and dry in the city.
   The big Redcar family broke up on their arrival and toured the central portion of Leeds. The shops attracted them all and the wonder store of Messrs. Lewis’, Ltd was completely invaded by Redcar people. Some found time to visit the Leeds new Civic Hall, opened a while ago by His late Majesty King George, and by these fortunate trippers the beautiful buildings were greatly admired and many remarked about its contrasting like whiteness and the black commercial surroundings.


   All arrived safely at the Grand Theatre at 7.30 p.m. prompt and Emile Littler’s all star pantomime, “Aladin,” was enjoyed by the five hundred and twenty. It was a splendid performance, starring masters of the pantomime such as Stanley Holloway, Janet Phillips, Collinson and Dean, B. Comber, Leo Sheffield, Gora Goffin, and pretty Eve Lynett, who was one of the youngest and most charming of this year’s pantomime stars. The company consisted of nearly eighty performers.
   A chicken and ham supper was served on the return journey where the usual game of cards was enjoyed by many.
   The Mayor and Mayoress of Redcar (Councillor and Mrs. J. W. Farren were among the patrons, as well as Councillor D. R. Semple, Alderman W. Charlton, County Councillor J. E. Picknett. The organisers of the trip, Mr. A. Sotheran (president), Mr. C. O, Harrison (the indefatigable secretary), and Mrs. J. J. Moore (the well known Redcar organiser) were in constant attendance on the large party and saw to it as far as possible that every convenience was extended to all.


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