REDCAR – Charity Football Match

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/01/1886.


           A match played on the Coatham Cricket Field, in Monday (04/010) afternoon, between two elevens of the Tradesmen of Redcar and Coatham in aid of the poor of both places. Messrs G. Clay and J. Hikeley, were the instigators of the match, the teams being Captained by those gentlemen.

          A goodly number of spectators witnessed the match, and a merry time they had of it. The players started off with a considerable amount of dash, but gradually and unmistakably subsided after a few minutes play, it was amusing to see of them while laughing at their comrades skill in manipulating the ball, suddenly stop laughing and do a record to save their own goal. There were of course sundry falls caused by some of the players, trying to kick with both feet at once. Towards the finish the majority were fairly dead beat, being able to scarcely raise a trot, and ultimately Mr. Hikeley’s team won by 4 goals to nothing.

          The gate realised £7 which was equally divided between Mrs. Hy. Wilkinson, of Coatham, and  Mrs Wm. Thompson, of Redcar, to be distributed, and great credit is due to the ladies untiring efforts to relieve the poor and needy.


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