REDCAR – Chrismas 1883 W.H. Smiths & Sons

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 22/12/1883


Messrs W. H. Smiths & Sons

          Amongst the Christmas shows in the district this year, we have to chronicle a new and most brilliant departure from the ordinary mode of showing Christmas goods in the shop windows, Messrs W. Smith and Sons, bookmakers, of Darlington, who have a large branch shop, 47, High Street, Redcar, carrying out on a much larger and more magnificent scale a repetition of their display last year, certainly eclipsed all other competitors in Christmas decorations, and fairly astonished the public with the most elaborate and comprehensive show of winter boots, shoes, and dress novelties, and beautiful evening shoes fir for the Princess of Wales, now visiting Wynyard Hall. The walls and floor of the entire establishment, which is over 50 feet long, is most tastefully dressed and decorated with mistletoe, evergreens, hundreds of beautiful Christmas cards, mottoes, and greenhouse plants, the whole forming a complete fairy bower.

          We did not imagine such a striking novelty in Christmas shows could possibly be made with boots and shoes, and we were therefore most agreeably surprised to witness the gorgeous display presented to view. At night the shop is brilliantly illuminated with gas, and Chinese lanterns and crowds of people have besieged the shop anxious to obtain a view of the display. We would recommend those of our readers who have not yet availed themselves of the opportunity of witnessing this grand sight to do so, as it is rare indeed such a costly display is to be seen.

          Messrs W. Smith and Sons, who are an enterprising firm, seem determined to make the art of St Crispin attractive. We understand they have had the display photographed with the object of distributing copies to their customers.


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