Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 22/12/1888.


          The idea which the newspaper have done so much to foster of later appears to have made an impression on the minds of the tradesmen of the town, if we may judge by their shop windows which are crowded with an immense display of valuable articles suitable for all ages. The drapers have mad a desperate effort to place before their customers the newest patterns and styles in dress and fancy goods. The Grocers are well furnished with fruits, cheeses, and a variety of other articles deemed requisite to endure the happiness of their customers at Christmas time. The butchers have ransacked the resources of all the famous breeding, and feeding establishments, in Yorkshire and Durham; including the Marquis of Londonderry, Lord Zetland, Sir C. Lowther, R. T. Ellis Esq., Dalton Castle, and Mis Gill, Topcliffe. Messrs. Holmes and Henderson have a very attractive display of poultry, game &c. Messrs Lennard, Dove, Spence, and Mrs. Pickersgill, show confections in good profusion. The Booksellers are a great attraction, the cards and booklets displayed are excellent in colouring and design and far surpassing any previous year. The Hardware men have made ample provision that people who have hitherto been in darkness should have more light and cheap.


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