REDCAR – Christmas At Redcar 1879

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/12/1879.


          Unlike last year, when there was from two to three feet of snow, and the thermometer below zero, the weather on Christmas Eve was singularly mild for the season.

          Parties of singers perambulated the streets of Redcar and Coatham, also a band of music, so the Christmas Day was ushered in, in the time-honoured fashion. A whit frost yesterday morning gave things somewhat more of a Christmas aspect, and the usual services held yesterday in the parish churches, which were tastefully decorated with holly and evergreens.

          The Redcar Wesleyan Sunday School anniversary tea meeting was held in the afternoon, and was well attended. In the evening a service of song was given in the Wesleyan Chapel by the teachers and scholars, entitled “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” interspersed with readings by Mr. W.N. Parsons. The Rev. W. Robinson occupied the chair. The chapel was well filled, and at the close a collection was taken in aid of school funds.

          The Congregationalists will hold their annual tea meeting and Christmas Tree in Central Hall next Tuesday (30/12).



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