REDCAR – Christmas Tree at Redcar 1883

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 02/01/1984


          On Wednesday, (02/01) the children attending the two Sunday Schools in connection with the St. Peter’s Church, Redcar, were all entertained to a bountiful tea in the Central Hall. Nearly 300 in all assembled on the occasion. About 40 parish workers, with their friends, afterwards had tea in the same building. The proceedings were wound up in the evening by the holding of a Christmas tree, the contents of a large toy shop having been apparently employed for the purpose, while a magnificent fir had been provided for this occasion from Lord Zetland, at Upleatham. Each child, at the end of the happy day’s entertainment, had buns, oranges and sweets given to them. Great praise is due to the ladies and teachers, who had spared no pains to make the affair a brilliant success which it was. It may be mentioned that the mothers connected with Redcar Church Mother’s Meeting have been most liberally entertained this week, at Miss Shaw’s Temperance Hotel, at the expense of Mrs. Ridley, of Coatham Villas.


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