REDCAR & COATHAM PIERS – Board of Trade action


Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/04/1871    

The Redcar and Coatham Piers.

The following special report respecting the above piers has been issued by The Board of Trade; – “The Board of Trade, since issuing their annual report in February last have further considered the applications which have been made to them in the cases of Coatham and Redcar, the particulars of which are contained in the report; and they are advised that the efficiency of the lifeboat service and the interest of navigation will not be injuriously affected by the proposed pier Coatham. If, under these circumstances, the interest of the public had absolutely required that only one of the application should be granted, the board of trade would, in accordance with their regulations have had to decide which scheme ought to be recommended to Parliament; and, in making the selection, they would have chosen the Coatham site (situated as it is in a central position between Redcar and Coatham, and that the seaward end of the straight Street which leads from the Redcar railway station to the sea), in preference to the Redcar site, which is at the end of Redcar which is furthest from Coatham. But they are robbed the opinion that upon public grounds neither of the plans are objectionable; and if either were already made and open to the public they would probably not refuse an application for the other scheme. Having regard, therefore, to their general practice not to entertain objections arising out of competition, or out of opposition between local interests, when the parties are willing to abide by either decision, the board of trade have made both orders, and will include them in one of the confirming bills about to be introduced into Parliament.”


Lol Hansom September 19, 2013 Coatham Pier, Redcar Pier