REDCAR – Football Redcar v Middlesbrough

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 30/01/1886.


          How the mighty are fallen! Hip, hip, hurray. The Great event, viz the 5th round in the English Association Cup – is over; and Redcar pats her gallant men on the back and says,

          “Well done my lads, you have achieved a victory over Middlesbrough men that will never be forgotten, and we are proud of you.”

           Oh Redcar, Redcar, Redcar, cruel Redcar, why oh why, did you take such advantage, and throw poor Middlesbrough out especially after they had almost made arrangements (so I am given to understand) with Blackburn Olympic to come to Middlesbrough to coach them for the English Cup, as their chance was considered anything but a poor one; but this you did not know. 

            It is true Middlesbrough were wondering, what club they would be drawn against after Redcar, and what sort of a “gate” there would be. The representatives of the Cleveland capital, and their supporters left their homes in high spirits, openly expressing the opinion, that, it was simply a walk over for them, and backed this statement by laying 3 and 4 to 1 against Redcar. At half-time when the score was even, they predicted that, now Middlesbrough would “sit upon” Redcar, who would want some “salt water” pumping into them. These loud proclamations gradually became milder, as our men slowly, but surely, held their antagonists at bay; then something seemed to inspire the home team, (perhaps, extra supply of salt water), and they set to work with hearty good will, with the object of winning, in view; at the same time keeping cool, but going to work with such determination, Middlesbrough could not withstand, even Bulman’s injured left forgot its ailments, and his heels were often viewed by his opponents. When Redcar scored a second goal, what excitement, hats were thrown up, thus resembling a flock of crows, whilst no ordinary clown could have gone through more grotesque performances than some of the spectators did. 

          Middlesbrough were now completely beaten, having been run to a stand still, while our fellows showed their freshness by piling on the “agony.”


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