REDCAR – Ice Accident Boy Drowns

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette. 16/01/1886.


           On Monday, (11/01) an enquiry was held at Redcar into the circumstances attending the death of Richard Robson, aged 11 years, who was drowned on Sunday evening (10/01), in a pond.

          The deceased was walking across to go home, when he walked into a hole and disappeared. The first witness went to his rescue, and succeeded in getting hold of him by the hand, but the ice broke under, and he became immersed in the water. He was got out by the assistance of Mr. Patton, who came with a rope. He did not think the men who stood on the bank did anything until Mr. Patton came with a rope. When Mr. Patton came the deceased had been in the water about quarter of an hour.

          The Coroner said the boy had acted most nobly in trying to rescue the deceased from his perilous position, a remark which the jury endorsed. A verdict of “Accidentally drowned” was returned. The jury recommended that the pond should either be filled up or fenced round.


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