REDCAR – Jubilee Celebrations Queen Victoria

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 18/06/1887.


          Arrangements for the celebration of the Jubilee at Redcar and Coatham are definitely settled, and sub-committees formed to aid in carrying them out.

The programme includes a procession –

          The Local Board, Burial Board and several Friendly Societies –

          The Local Board, Burial, Board, to meet at Central Hall at 10.30, and march to St. Peter’s Church.

          The aged people will be supplied with dinner at 12.15.

          At 2 o’clock the children are to meet at their respective schools, and march to the Central Hall.

          At 2.30 a procession will be made round Redcar and Coatham.

          At 3.30 the children will be regaled with tea in the Central Hall, and at 4 o’clock they will sing the National Anthem, after which they will proceed to the Race Course.

          Pepper Ghost entertainment at 7.30 in the Central Hall for children; for particulars of other sports see bills. The committee suggest the inhabitants generally, do all they can in decorations &c.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 25/06/1887


           The town was gaily decorated with flags and bunting early in the morning. At half past ten the Local Board, Burial Board and friendly societies, with regalia and banners, preceded by a band, assembled at the Central Hall and marched to the Parish Church, where a special service took place. The 4th Durham Infantry, in training, also attended with the band, which played a voluntary in the church. The special service was used and Jubilee hymns sung. The vicar preached an appropriate short service. There was also a short service in Coatham Church. At noon 120 old people dined in the Central Hall, and in the afternoon 1200 children marched through the town and then had tea in the Central Hall. They were then taken to the race course, when many amusements were provided for them. There were also various sports in the street at night, and the pier was illuminated, the band of the North York Rifle Volunteers playing till the late hour.

          The 1st. North York Artillery Volunteers had fixed their annual competition for Her Major’s Cup and until the Queen’s Birthday Prize, and received permission from the War Office to give a Royal Salute in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. Major Baker. R. A., adjutant of the Corps, assisted by the resident Instructor and some of the volunteers, prepared to fire the usual trial shot from a 64 pounder, when the cartridge, just after being rammed home, exploded.  Corporal John Thomas Smith was in the act of withdrawing the ramrod when the explosion occurred. Gunner Allison (son of the Sergeant Instructor) who was assisting was also struck. He sustained several injuries to the left shoulder and arm, and was thrown to the ground. The shell was blown out to sea. On Smith being picked up he was found to be horribly disfigured, and completely blackened by the powder. His injuries, however, were found so severe that he was sent on by rail to the North Riding Infirmary, but death ensued before the Infirmary was reached. Allison was taken to his parent’s home at Redcar in a somewhat critical condition. Smith the deceased was a member of a Volunteer Accident Assurance Company, and the payment of 1s per year entitles his friends to the sum of £200. At the North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough on Wednesday an inquest was held by Mr. Deputy Coroner Mackereth on the boy, a verdict of “Accidentally killed whilst charging a gun” was returned.










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