REDCAR – Literary Institute and Reading Room – High Street

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 27/11/1880.


          The Redcar and Coatham Institute and Reading Room were open to the public on Wednesday (24/11). The Institute has its locale in two rooms conveniently situated above Mr. Brown’s (late Mr. Webster’s) printing and stationary establishment, High Street, Redcar, and the committee may be congratulated on having secured premises so well adapted to the purpose; the rooms are centrally situated, well lighted, and have a good supply of the leading London and local daily and weekly newspapers, together with many of the best monthly periodicals. Connected with the Reading Room is a Smoke Room, supplied with chess, draughts, and other games suitable for winter evenings. The Institute has for its object the encouragement of literature, science, and art, and at intervals lectures will be given on various subjects. It has already a considerable number of members, and doubtless the Institute will be duly appreciated and patronised by the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood.


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